Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A BIG S/O to everyone who purchased something during yesterday's sale. I really appreciate all the support! Stay tuned for new ART coming down the pipeline...Sooner than you think!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Whut up Fam,

It has been a busy past few weeks. DCON was AMAZING!

I loved seeing old friends & meeting new ones. All the new art that I created for the show was well received & are now up on my online store AVAILABLE for purchase. Check 'em out below.

'COMBINED FORCES' is a 13 x 19 print. LIMITED to ONLY 20. This was a DCON EXCLUSIVE.
This an EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION print created with my BESTEST BUD, KWESTONE for Designer Con 2012. We wanted to do a print based on one of our favorite childhood cartoons, VOLTRON the DEFENDER of the UNIVERSE. Chito AKA KWESTONE came up the idea to half the character and to create each side in our own individual art style. He came up with STEAM PUNK VOLTRON & I came up with a more simplistic "Mega Man"-like VOLTRON. BOOM! MIND BLOWN!

The following pieces are prints of my original artwork created for an all NIKE art show that took place earlier this year at DRAGATOMI.  It was a two man show with KANO. All my pieces were plays off nicknames for popular sneakers.

'AIR WOLF' 8.5 x 11 pint. LIMITED to ONLY 50.

My holy grail of sneakers would have to be the NIKE AIR MAGS. I love me some BACK TO THE FUTURE! I wanted to do another AIR MAG illustration (my first one being 'FUTURE BOY'), but didn't want to do another MARTY McFLY character design. Sooooo, I decided to mash together 2 of MJF's best movies. 'BTTF 2' & TEEN WOLF= AIR WOLF.
If you ever wondered what a Werewolf would look like wearing Air Mags and riding a hoverboard, then look NO further....DICKNOSE.

'AIR MAX'N' 9 x 19 pint. LIMITED to ONLY 50.
'AIR MAX'N' wasn't so much as a play off the shoes nickname, but more of a funny illustration showing someone using the shoe for what is was intended for...RUNNING. Nowadays AIR MAX 90's are used more for profiling than breaking a sweat. IMO the INFRARED 90s are still the BEST AM90 EVEEEERRRRR!
'KBV G.O.D.' 9 x 19 print. LIMITED to ONLY 50.
'KBV G.O.D.' stands for the KOBE BRYANT FIVE "GAME OF DEATH" AKA The NIKE ZOOM KOBE V "BRUCE LEEs". Being the HUGE KOBE BRYANT fan that I am & an equally HUGE BRUCE LEE fan, this particular colorway was a MUST HAVE. The YELLOW & BLACK colors were a homage to Bruce's Track suit from his last movie GAME OF DEATH & not from KILL BILL (FYI kids, KILL BILL was paying homage to BRUCE too. Don't get it twisted!)

'All Love Foamposites' 13 x 19 print. LIMITED to ONLY 50.
'All Love Foamposites' AKA A.L.F. is a play off the NIKE "GALAXY" FOAMPOSITES. When I think of the galaxy, I think of the most feared, & most respected space character ever created... Gordon Shumway AKA ALF. That's right, that's ALF rocking some GALAXY FOAMS in OUTER SPAAACCCEEEE! Here comes ALF! Hide your pussy...cats.

If you are interested in any of these prints, head over to my ONLINE INTERWEBS STORE

Thanks for all the support!