Friday, October 21, 2011


11 x 17 Print on ARCHIVAL WATERCOLOR PAPER Each Print is signed & numbered. LIMITED TO ONLY 25 PRINTS.

GREAT SCOTT! When NIKE announced the release of the AIR MAGS I went APE SH#T! Not only am I a huge SNEAKER HEAD, but I am a HUGE BACK TO THE FUTURE NUT! I've always dreamed about owning my own pair of power lacing AIR MAGS. Unfortunately the prices were HEAVY & many SNEAKER HEADS/ BTTF fans were left with feet not power laced up (even though the AIR MAGS 2011 didn't POWER LACE, WTF?)

Have no fear, my fellow AIR MAG worshipers. If you couldn't get your hands on a pair of AIR MAGS why not get a piece of art celebrating the infamous sneaks & the man who made them HOT in the FUTURE for us in the past...MARTY McFLY! This LIMITED EDITION print showcases the exact FIT that MARTY wore when he traveled to the FUTURE ,PLUS Doc Brown's METAL SHADES for extra SWAG!

If you LOVE the AIR MAGS & BACK TO THE FUTURE, then you will love this PRINT! This print is your DENSITY...I mean DESTINY.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Say hello to SUPER DOUBLE NINJA BATTLE BROS. The most RARE 10-DOH game ever created. I took everyone's FAVORITE Side Scrolling games & MASHED'EM UP into one BAD ASS BRAWLER! SDNBB is the story of 2 Brothers out to bring JUSTICE to the streets. These Brothers are PLUMBERS by day, NINJAS by night, & ALWAYS BATTLE for BLOOD!

This was my design for SERIES 1 of 10-DOH! 10-Doh! Is the first figure from the So Analog line by Squid Kids Ink. The body is made of ABS with the hands and feet are made of PVC. Each 10-Doh! figure stands 7" tall. There were only 300 made of my design.

Each figure is signed on the back & shipped in it's original packaging. If cartridge does not work when received, blow into the bottom of it, & press reset multiple times on your console :) (Cartridges DO NOT really work)